October 2016

Painting in Maine comes easy.  Maine is such a beautiful state. I can see why N.C. Wyeth brought his family to this place.  Jill and I stayed in Tenants Harbor and I fanned out from there to paint.  I was especially inspired by the depths of the tides and what that looks like on the landscape.  In Virginia tides are not more than a few feet.  In Maine it can be 12 feet or more.  This tidal marsh must have been completely under water but low tide brought it down by at least seven feet.  The bank is feeling the effects of the rush and flow as it is constantly crumbling and changing shape.

I spotted other things to paint but there was not going to be time.   The masterpieces of Andrew Wyeth came about by the inspirations that must have visited his head every day during a long summer.  I was like a child at an amusement park with an hour in my pocket.   Something I learned through painting is that inspiration will present itself in time.  If you are prepared to act on that inspiration then you probably have something worth keeping. MarshlandsTurkey Cove