June 2016

I find myself  successful when what I produce engages the viewer emotionally and subconsciously, similar to seeing good abstraction.  Art, being a nonverbal communication, is a perfect vehicle for emotions.   I paint whats before me, but inside of that are emotions that are not being left out.        There is a  feeling I get standing at a scenic overlook in Shenandoah National Park.  That overlook is designed to have me go away feeling better,  like a movie with a happy ending.   The beauty and nature of the place  inspires me.   Inspiration is exciting.  It is the God particle.  It allows the artist to go beyond the subject and enter a realm that is spiritual.  When I paint at this overlook, it  makes sense that some of those feelings will be passed on to the viewer.

My interest in painting nature is about being a good steward.  For those connected to the land, there are deep feelings about preserving it.  It is my desire that in viewing these pictures, ones relationship with nature will be altered.  In this way, those who had not thought of it before may have ideas about protecting the treasure we have.  We also have a responsibility to our earth and it’s inhabitants (plants and animals included) to care for it for generations to come.Private Collection    We must all become environmentalists.