January 2016

The Creative Process

The mind will play a lot of tricks.  It makes a lot of noise.  It is forever thinking about the past and future.  There are many distractions we feel we need to think about.  Some are essential to our lives and the well-being of others.  Other things are not necessary to compete for our attention.  We have to decide what we want in our heads.

Today, we have more distractions than ever.  We cannot drive our cars without the cell phone going off.  Our phones control us, our media, our ability to go anywhere anytime.  We fly around not seeing what we are passing by.  It is sad how caught up and hectic our lives have become.  It is important to take the time to be quiet.  We could stand to slow down and have a cup of tea or appreciate the bird that appears at our window.

Creativity happens after the mind is quiet.  It is an ‘in the moment’ activity, a meditation.  In the moment we see the possibilities.  We may see things we want to depict.  An ordinary object becomes fascinating.  The shadow of a boat has a whole world inside it.  The personality of a dog shines for everyone to see.  Magic becomes possible.

As an artist, I have chores that need doing.  The life I created for myself is complex like most others.  It is even important for the creative process to stop doing art from time to time.  When I get back into it, there will be an energy that is most powerful.  The ‘not doing’ makes the ‘doing’ more important.  It is all important.